According to the results of linguistic research, the name “Gagra” comes from the word “Gakra,” which means “walnut” in the Svan language. The exact date of its founding is unknown. Initially, it was a Greek trading post called Tregliph. Later (in the 1st century BC), it came under Roman influence, and after its fall, the city and the region as a whole became part of the Byzantine Empire. 

Gagra grew into a major trading center in the 14th century. It maintained its significance until the 17th century when raids by the Ottoman Empire precipitated its slow decline. At the beginning of the 20th century, Prince Oldenburg started transforming the city into a resort. He electrified Gagra, installed telegraph lines, and created several parks. 

The inauguration of Gagra in its new status took place on January 9, 1903, at the “Gagripsh” restaurant – this day is considered the founding date of the resort city. In 1911, Gagra welcomed its first foreign tourists from Germany, and on May 16, 1912, Tsar Nicholas II visited the resort.

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