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The PostCards.ge web site presented for your attention is the result of lengthly and painstaking conversion of old postcards into a digital format, systematisation and cataloguing of the immense collection was engendered for those, who are passionate about the history of Georgia and the Caucasus.

Who may find this site useful?

Scientists, researchers, collectors, owners of antique postcards and those wishing to buy them, the admirers or connoisseurs of history…

Maiden tower near Mtskheta
The history of the country in your interior
View of the Kazbek-Kobi area
Caucasus, what you were like a hundred years ago
Khani village towers
Georgia. Country and people.
Sheaninskaya Church on the rock near Khumara
An unforgettable gift to the country's history
Ruins near Gvielta
The history of the country in your interior
Tiflis. View from Mikhailovskiy bridge
Caucasus, what you were like a hundred years ago
Tiflis. Theater
An unforgettable gift to the country's history
Batumi. Cart with oranges from Makhinjauri
Georgia. Country and people.

About the author of the collection

Amiran Gudzhabidze. A man boundlessly enamoured of his country, thoroughly versed in its history from times immemoriala man, who treaded every mile of every Georgian road so as to better understand how the country developed across the ages and what it had become. Years ago, wishing to make his own contribution to the study of his homeland, the impassioned photographer began to collect the first postcards dedicated to his beloved motherland, her landmarks, her traditions.

In the course of a quarter of a century, his Georgian collection became the largest in the world…

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