About Us

The site postcards.ge, presented for your attention is the result of lengthily and painstaking conversion of old postcards into a digital format,  systematization and cataloguing of the immense collection was engendered for those, who are passionate about  the history of Georgia and the Caucasus.


Who may find this site useful? 


Scientists, researchers, collectors, owners of antique postcards and those wishing to buy them, the admirers, or connoisseurs of history.

The original postcards, as well as their digitalized copies and restorations may interest hotel or restaurant proprietors, owners of art galleries or antique shops, as well as designers and architects, recreating the former of historical buildings.


You may buy a high-quality digital copy of any postcard you like with which we will offer a reconstructed image of the postcard and a copy of its reverse side. Some of the original postcards on sale can be acquired for a collection, or as a gift that will be highly valued. 


We will print for you image of any postcard you like on paper or canvas with different sizes range, and we will frame your print or put it in a mount.
Your print will be carefully delivered to your address, and we will present you all digital copies of printed postcard.


Some of the postcards we are presenting, can be bought in originals, for your own collection or as a gift which will be greatly appreciated.


The owners of antique postcards can offer to sell their postcards or exchange them for those included in our collection.


Part of our collection is presented as untitled postcards. The age of the pictures has not preserved any indications of locations or subjects. We would appreciate any information you can provide us about where the untitled postcard was taken. By sharing these details, you will make your own personal contribution to the restoration of Georgian history. And we would be delighted to provide you with all digital copies of the postcards, details of which you provide to us.


Lastly, any researcher or admirer of bygone times can examine the collection for scientific works, or for the simple pleasure of reuniting with History. Each postcard is not only quaint but is also historically significant.

About the author of the collection

Amiran Gudzhabidze. A man boundlessly enamored of his country, thoroughly versed in its history from times immemorial, man, who treaded every mile of every Georgian road so as to better understand how the country developed across the ages and what it had become. Years ago, wishing to make his own contribution to the study of his homeland, the impassioned photographer began to collect the first postcards dedicated to his beloved motherland, its landmarks, its traditions.

In the course of a quarter of a century, his Georgian collection became the largest in the world. These postcards reflect the history, beauty, traditions, local flavor of the Caucasus. At the request of Tbilisian and Batumian museums, Amiran Gudzhabidze’s collection of postcards was exhibited, and examined by historians many a time, with its owner receiving awards for his monumental contribution to Georgian history. The collection, enriched by his own photographs, taken from the site used a hundred years prior, aided the reconstruction of several historical buildings across the country.

Our collection