Tumanly-Kel Lake

Tumanly-Kel Lake is located in the Gonachkhir Gorge in the northwestern part of the Caucasus range. It is believed that Tumanly-Kel is a remnant of a vast ancient lake that formed due to the melting of glaciers in the Caucasus Mountains around two thousand years ago. The lake is situated at an altitude of 1,850 meters above sea level within the territory of the Teberdinsky National Park. The depth of Tumanly-Kel reaches up to 15 meters. In summer, the lake water warms up to 22°C. The name of the lake translates from Karachai as “Foggy Lake.” Sometimes, Tumanly-Kel is also referred to as “Trout Lake” due to the abundance of fish inhabiting its waters.

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