Devdorak Glacier

The Devdorak Glacier is the largest glacier on Mount Kazbek. It is located on the northeastern slope of the mountain, near the Georgian Military Road.

The length of the ice cover is more than 7 kilometers, the total area is over 4 square kilometers, and the lower edge is at an altitude of 2257 meters.

Glacier is the source of one of the tributaries of the Terek River.

One of the biggest icefalls of the Devdorak Glacier occurred on August 13, 1832. The mass of ice that fell into the gorge formed a blockage 2 kilometers long and about hundred meters high. The natural dam completely blocked the flow of the Terek River for three days. It took two years to restore movement along the Georgian Military Road, and seven years for all the fallen ice to melt.

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