Ashiltinskiy bridge

The Ashiltinskiy bridge is located in Dagestan, connecting the two banks of the Andi Koysu river. This river is 144 kilometers long, formed by the confluence of Tushetis Alazani right tributary and the Pirikitelis Alazani left tributary, originating in Tusheti at an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea level. The name Andi Koysu comes from the Turks “qoy suv” (literally: “sheep water”).

The Andi people have inhabited these places since ancient times.

On the bank of the Andi Koysu rises Mount Akhulgo, on its slopes are two mountain villages that served as command posts for Imam Shamil in 1838-1839. The highlanders of these villages besieged Russian troops from June 13 to August 22, 1839.

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